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What is the Hydra face Treatment?

The Hydra face treatment effective facial cleansing to prevent the skin from peeling. This pain free facial treatment hydrates the skin to stimulate the natural development of new skin cells. This treatment is suitable for any skin type and color and is very effective against aging and impurities.

How does the Hydra face Treatment work?

During the treatment the skin is boosted with antioxidants and moisture. We start the treatment with an intensive facial cleansing and peeling. 

The treatment consists of the following steps:

What are the results and how long does it last?

The result of the treatment will be visible immediately on the first day with a soft and bright skin. For the best result we do recommend taking 3 to 6 sessions over a period of 4 to 6 months. However, this can also vary depending on the individuals skin type and the desired result. You can find all our skin therapy treatments on Skin Therapy page. If the skin therapy treatment is not sufficient you can also consider our Botox and filler treatments.