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Jaw Lift Russian Thread Treatment

The Jaw Russian Threadlift is a popular treatment in which the jaw is pulled up slightly and therefore the sides of the face are also pulled up diagonally. This provides a natural face lift effect without surgery. The jaw is pulled up by threads that are place in the skin and pulled together. To get the best possible and most beautiful result, we recommend combining this treatment with Cheekbones Botox Treatment. This ensures a beautiful even skin around the cheeks.

How does the Jaw Russian Threadlift work?

In this treatment, we will place skin-absorbent wires in two diagonal places just next to and above the jaws. Next, the wires will be connected under the skin and pulled together accordingly. The wires will no longer be visible, and the drawn skin will ensure that the cheeks are pulled up slightly.

Costs Jaw Lift Russian Thread

The costs of the Jaw Russian Threadlift differ based on the needs and the quantity of Botox required for that. The price for an average Jaw Russian Threadlift starts at the price of €1000.

Results Jaw Russian Threadlift

After a period of 6 to 8 months, the threads will automatically dissolve the production of collagen will be activated. By doing this, your skin will internalize the pulled-up effect of your eyes caused by the wires and thus promotes the result. The duration of the end-result depends on your skin and the amount of wires placed. The effect of the Jaw Russian Eye Threadlift will be improved by taking an additional Cheekbone Filler Treatment. An overview of all our PDO Treatments can be found on the page Russian Threadlift.

On this page you can find all the information about the Jaw Russian Threadlifts. In the following sections the duration of the treatment, results, and costs are described. If anything is unclear you can always contact us for more information and personalized advice.